Stump Grinding

Ditch Stubborn Stumps for Good

Ditch Stubborn Stumps for Good

Ask about our stump removal service in Lithia Springs, GA

Did you know that stumps can be dangerous? Stumps can house pests and disease, and they present a tripping hazard to kids. Call Godfrey Tree and Roofing today to schedule a stump removal in Lithia Springs, GA.

Our team provides what's called a stump grinding service to grind away at dead trees and stumps. The machinery we use will eliminate the tree or stump and the roots. What's left is a mulch pile that we like to pack into the hole where your tree or stump was.

We eliminate stumps the simple way. Contact us today at 770-256-1478 to secure your stump removal service.

Want to know how we provide the premier stump grinding service? You can expect our team to:

  • Bring a remote stump grinding machine
  • Perform our stump grinding service
  • Pack the hole with mulch
  • Haul away the remaining mulch

Our stump grinding process is noisy, so we make sure you don't run into any issues with your neighbors. We make sure that you're at ease throughout the entire time.

Call us today, and we'll get rid of your stumps.